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Jack Helmut

A disgruntled clerk at "Hubble's Hardware". In his first adventure, he was recruited by famed scientist, Nikola Tesla, to save the Earth. During the mission, he gets Tesla through a series of traps using a helmet, created by Tesla, that enables him to see 1.3 seconds into the future.

Jack is an atypical hero. A common man that is unwillingly turned into a hero, he is our homage to classic sci-fi characters such as Luke Skywalker and Flash Gordon.

Nikola Tesla

A brilliant scientist. Inventor of, among other things, a helmet that increases the wearers reaction time by one second and an "arm gun" that shoots small screws. He is an expert in scientific theories involving electricity and time travel.

Nikola is a genius, a leader and a man, quite literally, out of his time.
He is a cross between Obi-wan Kenobi and "The Doctor".

Who was the "real" Tesla?

Nikola Tesla was born on July of 1856 in Croatia. At the age of 28 he moved to the U.S. and briefly worked with Thomas Edison before the two had a disagreement over AC versus DC current and parted ways. He sold several patents, including those to his alternating-current machinery, to George Westinghouse. His invention, the "Tesla coil," is still used in radio technology today. Tesla died in New York City on January 7, 1943.


Alex is a young engineer/lab assistant to her uncle Marconi. She has a special relationship with fellow scientist, Nikola Tesla. In the first part of our story, Alex joined Tesla, Jack and Marconi on their adventure, proving herself as a great leader from the start.

Alex is a smart, "take charge" woman in the same vein as Princess Leia and Dale Arden, with a twist all our own.